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The following city tours are often offered by numerous travel agents in Buenos Aires. The tours are available in English, and often in many other languages. As anywhere else, a good tour must have a guide who is informed, interesting, and entertaining.

Tour Buenos Aires
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City Tour
This is usually a 3 hour city tour that shows the participants the most important places in Buenos Aires. Most often this includes a visit to Evita's grave, Plaza de Mayo, the Congress building, Casa Rosada, the Obelisk and Teatro Colon.

Jewish Buenos Aires Tour
Jewish Buenos Aires Tour The Jewish people have a considerable history in Argentina, a history that can be outlined in a day tour in Buenos Aires. Few tour guides specialize in this tour and even fewer do a good job at it. A well-connected guide may even lead you inside some of the important buildings that are now carefully protected because of past threats. A good tour includes the following sights: Immigrant Museum, Israel Embassy Plaza, Lavalle Plaza, Libertad St. Synagogue, AMIA Federation Building, and Paso St. Synagogue.
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Buenos Aires Wine Tasting Tour
Wine Tasting in Buenos Aires Argentina is famous for their wines and even in Buenos Aires you have a chance to go on a wine tour and get a taste of the local flavor. If you don't have time for a visit to the wine region of Mendoza, this half-day tour is the next best thing.
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Buenos Aires Tango Tour Tango Tour
Also known as the "Milonguero Circuit", this is a night tour that starts with a tango lesson, followed by a dinner with the tango instructors that tell you about the history of the dance, and finishes up with a tour of the main Milongas(tango dance-clubs). Many varieties of this tour are offered, but the final visit to multiple Milongas is always the final highlight.

Buenos Aires Tour in Argentina
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Buenos Aires at Night Tour
Buenos Aires is especially beautiful at night. The locals come alive during the night, and for that reason it is not surprising that Buenos Aires has a number of attractions that are only amplified by in the night(with proper lighting). Take a tour to the main highlight in just a few hours on a beautiful Argentine evening.

Buenos Aires Futbol Tour Soccer Tour
Argentine soccer is the premier sport in the country and happens to be the nation's passion. A great way to experience the phenomenon is by taking a tour that would pick you up at your hotel and take you to the stadium. Your guide would make sure everything runs smoothly and you get the most from your experience.

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