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Buenos Aires is the gorgeous capital of Argentina. The large and charismatic city has been given the title of "The Paris of South America". European architecture and a lively attitude create a phenomenal atmosphere in this beautiful and highly cultured city.

Buenos Aires is also home to some of the greatest golf courses in Argentina. World renowned courses are accessible by as short as a twenty minute drive from city center.

The Jockey Club with its great tradition leads the list of Buenos Aires' best golf courses. Similarly, Bella Vista and Olivos Golf Clubs have enticed numerous golfers and hosted major tournaments. A number of other great courses close to Buenos Aires offer excellent playing conditions and are not to be passed over on your visit to Argentina.

It is recommended to make prior arrangements at most golf courses because some course are only open to the public on certain days of the week.

Travel Information for Buenos Aires:
Buenos Aires Travel Information

Golf Courses in Buenos Aires:
The Jockey Club
The Club was started as a society for Argentina's elite in the late 19th century. Throughout the years the club has offered horse-racing, polo and golf to many distinguished people. The Red and Blue courses were built by the famous course designer Dr. Alister Mackenzie in 1930. The course hosted the 2001 Argentine Open as part of the European Tour circuit.
Avenue Marquez 1702 (San Isidro)
Phone: 4743-1001 / Website (in Spanish)

Olivos Golf Club
This course, a regular on the Argentine Open rotation, has a fair share of big names, including golden bear himself, Jack Nicklaus, has played there.
Ruta Panamericana Km. 32,4 (Pilar)
Phone: 4463-1076 / Website (in Spanish)

Buenos Aires Golf Club in Bella Vista
This beautiful course is the site 2000 EMC World Cup won by the United States team of Tiger Woods and David Duval.
Mayor Irusta 3777 (Bella Vista)
Phone: 4468-1695 / Website (in Spanish)

Martindale Country Club
The country's biggest golf course is a great challenge. International competitions are often held here.
Juan Domingo Peron 2375 (Pilar)

Pilar Golf Club
Ruta Nac. 8 km, 60,5
1633 Fatima

Highland Park Country Club
Los Jazmines y Las Campanillas
1669 Del Viso

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