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Each one of the neighborhoods in Buenos Aires presents the visitor with an great variety of boutiques, galleries, and antique shops. When European quality goods are offered at South American prices there deals that are not to be passed up.

For the best values in antiques and fine goods, peruse the merchandise in the many reputable antique shops that border the San Telmo market. Examples of great purchases include antique crystal chandeliers and top-quality suede jacket with nutria collar for 2 to 3 times cheaper prices.

Recoleta is the city's most expensive neighborhood and the shopping that is offered in Recoleta is highly upscale. This is one of the few areas that has maintained significant prices even after the fall of the Argentine economy. All the goods there are European quality, with many of the stores actually selling you European made clothing and shoes.

In the Recoleta Plaza Francia there is a handicraft market every weekend. You can also see the street artists and the shows they perform solely for the price of voluntary tips.

The styllish Patio Bullrich right accoss from the luxurious Caesar Park Hotel is a delight for both shopping and sightseeing. Many stores are very nicely decorated, and the prices are not that outrageous for tourists converting from other currencies.

Buenos Aires Design(Avenida Pueyrredon 2501) is an upscale shopping mall entirely devoted to interior design. A great number of quality goods for the home are available at very reasonable prices at this centrally located shopping center.

San Telmo:
The weekend Flea Market in San Telmo offers leisurely people-watching and shopping to any visitor. There is also one of the best Antique Fairs in the world at the Plaza Dorrego every Saturday and Sunday. Many of the old homes in the neighborhood have been converted to great antique shops that offer many very intersting and unique articles.

El Centro:
The Avenue Florida is the biggest shopping street in Buenos Aires lined with clothing, sporting goods, banks, electronics, gifts, cafes, and leather goods stores. The pedestrians-only street is also the home of some of the best bookstores in the city.

The Galerias Pacifico shopping center is a beautiful multi-level shopping center at the corner of Florida and Cordoba. The mall is quite upscale by Argentine standards having a number of beautiful murals at its center.

Avenue Santa Fe is the site of hundreds of shops which mainly sell gifts and clothes, but many other stores can be found there. Also, a number of cafes offer a break from the shopping frenzy.

The neighborhood offers wonderful boutiques that sell very creative items and gifts. The Paseo Alcorta shopping center has chic clothing stores for both sexes along with great cafes and a movie theater.

Alto Palermo Shopping Mall(Arenales 3360) is the biggest shopping centre in the city. Its daring architectural design, awarded by the International Council of Shopping Centers has a mirror-like exterior that reflects the buildings in Santa Fe Avenue and Coronel Diaz Street. Hundreds of shops, cafes, and a movie theater offer their services to thousands of customers.

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