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President Juan Peron

Juan Peron(1895 - 1974) started out his career by joining the army at the age of 18. Over the next 30 years he held a number of military posts. His strong support for labor unions and social reform resulted in widespread support for him among the Argentine masses.

In 1945 Peron was imprisoned by political opponents, but his popular political position and the efforts of his 2nd wife Maria Eva Duarte de Peron, popularly known as Evita, got him out of prison.

In 1946, he was elected President. He instituted massive social reform, but was ruthless in suppressing all opposition and Peron's Argentina rapidly became a dictatorship.

By the early 1950s, Peron was having a number problems. The death in 1952 of his popular wife, Eva, as well as his subsequent ex-communication by the Catholic church in a very Catholic country, led to Peron's ouster from office by military coup in 1955.

Peron was then exiled in General Franco's Spain for 10 years. He was allowed to come back to Argentina in 1972 and re-elected as president in 1973. Peron died a short 9 months into his second term as president.

Peron remains one of Argentina's most famous leaders. Many people still have very strong feelings for or against Peron, and his goverment and political structures remain benchmarks for all presidents and politicians in Argentina.

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