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Glossary of Argentine Terms

This is your quick guide to the words you will stumble upon when visiting and reading up on Argentina.

All locals that live in Buenos Aires are called Portenos.

Political idealogy where the workers, the church and the army are the main pillars of the government. Approach named after Argentina's famous dictator, Juan Peron.

A dance club where people dance the Argentine Tango.

Argentian cowboys usually living in the Pampas, or flat, dry land in the countryside.

Telos Hotels:
Hotels renting rooms by the hour. Ironicaly, mostly used by married couples that don't have room for privacy at home.

The national beverage enjoyed by Argentineans and other South Americans. It is best described as a particular type of tea drank in a particular manner.

A meat grill, usually used to describe a type of lunch or dinner.

A cooked dough pocket usually filled with beef, but also chicken, cheese or vegetables.

A Mixed grill

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