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Buenos Aires is one of the greatest places in the world to go out. The South American flair for living is at its peak when Argentines are out and about this vibrant city.

Cosmopolitan Buenos Aires offers the visitor a plethera of different kinds of entertainment. Plays, tango shows and movies along with clubs and bars all await the socially active visitors.

Tango Shows:
Watch the best tango dancers in Buenos Aires perform tango in it's essence or listen to great tango orchestras playing classics and modern tango songs.

Theater and Plays:
Avenida Corrientes, the central avenue running through Buenos Aires is the home of many theaters and play houses. Take this as yet another opportunity to further explore Argentinean culture by watching a Broadway play, an opera or a the philharmonic. While most plays are in spanish, you will still find enough enjoyment in the activity.

A tango dance hall in Buenos Aires Nightlife:
Experience the worlds best nightlife in Buenos Aires clubs and bars. See lively people and enjoy the festive atmosphere when it is nighttime in this great city.

Buying Tickets:
Once you know what you want to see, you still need to buy your tickets. TicketMaster and other ticketting offices are found in the Buenos Aires Events Tickets Buying Guide.

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