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An Introduction to Spanish

Speaking spanish is not the simplest task but it is a rewarding and fun experience. Here is your first spanish lesson.

Basic sentences & vocabulary
- Hello! How are you?
- Hola! Como estas?

- How much does "X" coast?
- Cuanto cuesta "X"?

- How can I get to "X place"?
- Como llego hasta "X place"? (place means lugar)

- What time is it?
- Que hora es?

- Please
- Por favor

- Thank you (very much)
- (Muchas) gracias

- Excuse me
- Permiso or Disculpe, when passing or entering a place
- Lo siento or Perdon, when saying "I'm sorry".

- Food
- Comida

- Clothing
- Ropa

* Vocals have only one sound (always the same for each one), except for the "U", that is not pronunciated in the following cases: que qui gue gui.
Apart from that, is always "A" like in father, "E" like in better, "I" like in machine, "O" like in more, "U" like in put.

* "G" sounds soft in ga gue gui go gu, and hard in ge gi.

* "J" sound always like the hard "G".

* "H" is never pronounced.

* "C" sounds like K in ca co cu and like S in ce ci.

* There's a "special" letter, the "n", that sounds like like a strong ni.

* "LL" and "Y" sound like an "I"

* "R" is hard when is the first letter of the word or when doubled (perro, dog), and soft in all other case.

* "CH" sounds always like it does in "cheese".

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