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Argentineans speak a particular flavor of Spanish called Castillean, named after the Castillean region of Spain. Almost all the words and vocabulary are the same, but Argentineans pronounce some syllables differently and have a few culture specific expressions. The following guide contains a glossary of useful expressions and phrases, as well as a glossary of phrases unique to Argentina. There is also a menu glossary to help you familiarize yourself with common dishes you may come across at a restaurant. Practicing a little Spanish before you go will prove to be invaluable when you're in Argentina and needing to communicate about practical matters.

Introduction to Spanish
Learn some basic Spanish expressions and get a feel for how to pronounce them correctly.

Glossary of Standard Argentine and Spanish Terms
The following words or phrases you will find almost anywhere you go in Argentina.

Glossary of Standard Foods found on the Menu.
The following foods are very common to encounter when you dine in Argentina. Although traveling in a new country should be exciting, knowing what food you order is not going to take away from the spontaneity of your vacation.

Spanish Schools in Argentina
This is a guide to going to a Spanish language school in Buenos Aires.

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