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Kiss of the Spider Woman, Manuel Puig Although Argentina is not huge producer of blockbuster movies, a number of great movies came out of the country that are well worth watching. Many of these movies successfully portray Argentine life and culture.

Starring: Madonna, Antonio Banderas
This is a musical portraying the life of Eva Peron, the wife of the Argentine president Juan Peron. While the president is being a dictator his beautiful wife is setting up hospitals, helping the poor, and winning the hearts of the Argentine people

The Mission:
Starring: Robert Deniro, Jeremy Irons
In the 17th century, South America is simply another colony being divided up by the Spanish and Portugese. Irons and Deniro are Jesuit priest and are building christian missions for the native americans that are otherwise being killed by the Europeans. The priests fight to keep the missions running while the Europeans want the land while putting native americans into slavery.

Eva Peron:
This is an exceptional biography of Eva Duarte Peron, Argentina's beloved Evita. The movie deals with Evita's relationship with Juan Peron and her political and humanitarian efforts.

Argentine Tango Movies:
Information about all the Argentine Tango related movies is available in the All About AR Tango > Movies section.

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