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Gaucho Culture in Argentina European influences permeate Argentina's art, architecture, literature and lifestyle. With an excellent university level education, the citizens of Argentina have quite modern and refined tastes and customs. Argentine arts and sciences have achieved international renown among many audiences. Probably the best known manifestation of Argentine popular culture is the Argentine Tango, a dance and music which has captured the hearts of romantics world-wide.

Spanish is the official language of Argentina spoken almost everywhere. But there are still some small immigrant communities that retain their native language as a badge of identity. Italian is frequently used in some neighborhoods, reflecting the influence of Argentina's single largest immigrant group . In fact, it's not hard to confuse an Argentine with an Italian, as their manner of speaking is quite similar. English, German and French also show their influence in many places of business. There are also about 17 Native American languages in Argentina, but you will have to go a good distance off the beaten path to experience any of them.
Spanish in Argentina

Walk into any Argentine restaurant in the world and you will get an excellent selection of grilled meat. Parilla, the Spanish word for grill, is often the word you will find in the name of restaurants in this meat-loving country. In Argentina, you can sample anything from regular steaks to parts of animals that only natives dare to eat such as livers, kidneys, and tongues.

That being said, Argentina is not a vegetarian's nightmare. Italian favorites such as gnocchi are a welcome alternative in many restaurants. Likewise, there are many French, Spanish and German restaurants that are sure to please. Also, in the last few years, vegetarian and organic restaurants have been popping up everywhere.

Argentina is also world famous for its wines. Visit the Argentine Wine Guide for more information.
More on Argentine Cuisine

Argentina is currently a melting pot of Native American and European culture. During the Colonial era, European influence dominated and pushed away the native to the point that true Native American populations are only found in further off provinces such as Salta. Argentina also has a relatively large and strong Jewish population.
The Jewish People in Argentina

One of the unique manifestations of the Argentine people is the culture of the Gauchos. The are horsemen that are similar to the cowboys found in the western states of the US.
Gauchos in Argentina

Argentina is an origin of many art forms. Museums and Galleries in Buenos Aires are everywhere and should be explored by every visitor.

Buenos Aires is also a great center of architecture. For the highlights go to the Buenos Aires Architecture page.

Being a very educated and multi-cultural country, Argentina produced writers of international stature such as Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortazar, Ernesto Sabasto, Manuel Puig and Osvaldo Soriano, and others.

Argentina was the point of origin for a number of dances. The Argentine Tango dominates all others in popularity, but the dances of Chamame, Cuarteto and Folk deserve credit too.

A number of Argentinean actors and directors have reached international acclaim. In addition, many successful Argentine movies have been used as vehicles to display the horrors of dictatorial governments. In this section you will find movies that portray the country and the people of Argentina.

Sports are extremely important to Argentineans, while soccer (futbol), is more of a national obsession than a mere sport. Argentina won the World Cup of Soccer in 1978 and 1986 with the help of the fancy footwork of Diego Maradona. Another Argentinean sports star is Gabriela Sabatini, a great tennis player that was a great women's tennis star before retiring and becoming a perfume model.

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A land of great contrasts, Argentina offers almost everything to the visitor. From the cosmopolitan Buenos Aires (full of museums, night clubs and tons of activities) to the tranquility of Patagonia, from falls to mountains to endless flatlands, from snow in the south to dry sunny regions in the northwest and the jungle of the northeast, this country is more than enjoyable.

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