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Taxis are plentiful in Buenos Aires. Thousands of standard issue- black car with yellow roof - taxis navigate Buenos Aires and especially its tourist and business center. Taxis are fairly cheap in comparison to other major world cities with a 15 minute taxi ride costing around $2 to $3 USD. All taxis have a meter that is always turned on by the driver at the beginning of the journey. For 100% personal safety, guidebooks recommend that tourists have their hotel or restaurant call a taxi for them.

Buenos Aires has a very good, clean, reliable and resonably safe subway system. The network consists of 5 lines, 34 stations, and brings 70% of the city's population within walking distance of a subway station.

Private Car and Driver Service
A great way to explore Buenos Aires is by renting a remis, or private car and driver. You have the flexibity of going where ever you like and none of the worry about driving a car in a foreign country. The driver often does the job of a guide telling you interesting information about each sight you visit.
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Car Rental
Buenos Aires has a number of options for renting a car. The price of the rental is also often more reasonable in Buenos Aires than in other regions of Argentina.
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Bus Service
Buenos Aires has a many busses that transport passangers to most destinations in the city. This type of transportation is both safety and extremely inexpensive.
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