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San Telmo's most important Plaza where the weekend fair is held
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San Telmo is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. This is reflected in the convergence of its XIX and XX century architecture. This area was the residential district in colonial times until the yellow fever epidemic in 1871 forced the upper classes to move to what is now the Recoleta neighborhood.

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Plaza Dorrego:
Plaza Dorrego, the oldest square in Buenos Aires, also happens to be the center of the San Telmo market that gathers every Saturday and Sunday. There are also a great number of street performers that make the fair all the more festive.

Authentic Cafes:
One of the most important activities to enjoy in the neighborhood is to take a break in one of the many lively cafes. Many cafes feature live tango music and dance performances.

Museum of Modern Art
350, Av. San Juan
Phone: 4361-1121

Puppet Museum
905 Piedras
Phone: 4802-4785

Orthodox Russian Church:
315 Brasil
Phone: 4361-4274

Museo Historico Nacional
In the National Historical Museum the official history of Argentina is on display in a stately and renewed old mansion; exhibits cover the country's past from the 16th century to the beginning of this century.
1600 Defensa
Phone: 4307-1182

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