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Recoleta Cemetary Area

The Cemetary
The historic cemetery is adorned with statues that complement the beautiful mausoleums created in a wide variety of architectural styles. The entire cemetery is laid out in sections like city blocks, with wide tree-lined walkways branching into smaller "streets" filled with mausoleums.

Each mausoleum bears the family name etched into the facade and brass or bronze plaques are added to the front of the structure for each particular family member. All mausoleums in La Recoleta traditionally engrave a death date but no birth date is maintained.

One of the most popular mausoleums to be visited in the cemetery is the Duarte family tomb that contains the remains of the country's beloved Evita.

evita Our Lady of the Pillar Church
Nuestra Senora del Pilar is the name of an ancient church situated immediately next to the cemetery in Recoleta. This old colonial Baroque church was built by the Franciscans between 1706 and 1732. The church is widely believed to be the most attractive church in the city, and is a national historic monument.

Plaza Francia
The plaza near the church of Recoleta and right across from the Cultural Center serves as the largest outdoor handicrafts fair in the city, La Feria de Recoleta, taking place every weekend. At the fair you can see shows by street performers that are offered to the passerbys along with thousands of gifts on sale through the park.

Centro Cultural Recoleta
The Recoleta Cultural Center is a dynamic cultural center with exhibits, performances, and workshops. The center was converted from a cloister used by the monks to the wounderful exhibition space it is today.
Junin 1930
Phone: 4803-1040 / Website (in Spanish)

The Restaurants and Shops Around the Cemetary
Surrounding the cemetary from 3 directions is a great number of touristy restaurants and bars. The Plazaleta de Recoleta is found on one of those blocks looking at the cemetary walls. The plaza offers the best movie theater in Buenos Aires, the Recoleta Village, and an excellent bookstore.

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