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Puerto Madero is the site of the new restaurant, shopping and entertainment area in Buenos Aires. This area was first used for storage by the docks, but, ten years ago, was transformed into the modern hotspot that it is today.

Enjoy a walk around the marina and take a break at one of the numerous outdoor cafes and restaurants. Some of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires are found in Puerto Madero.

Take a look at the Map of Puerto Madero here.


Uruguay Corvette
This ship was built in England around 1877 and served as part of the Argentine Navy for a number of years. It also accomplished the feat of rescueing Otto Nordeenskold's Swedish expedition to the Antarctic. Today the ship is museum open to the public and parked at the docks of Puerto Madero.

Sarmiento Frigate
This ship, also a part of the Argentine Navy has travelled a distance of 800,000 miles, or enough to sail around the world 42 times.

Buequebus Terminal
This is the terminal of the ferry company Buequebus. This terminal is mostly used by travellers to go to Colonia and Montevideo in Uruguay.

View Official Puerto Madero Website.

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