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Natural Spring Spas in Argentina

The spas and resorts in this section are quite different than the locations listed in the luxury and wine spas sections. These natural spring spas are more catered to the Argetine and South American tourist and do not alwasy fit the western idea of luxury resorts. The entrance and accomodation prices for the below spas are also significantly less expensive, and some of these locations are owned and operated by the government.

Termas Cacheuta - Mendoza
The Termas Cacheutas is located in a beautiful setting, occupying the site of an earlier, luxurious thermal complex built at the turn of the twentieth century - one of the first in the country - and later destroyed by a flood. The spa's new hotel is quite modern and airy, yet also an intimate wooden structure with just 18 rooms. It is in perfect synchronicity with the area's scenic appeal and has a zen-like ambience throughout. The rooms are simple but comfortable, in keeping with the owners' philosophy that what is important is the rejuvenation of body and soul and not a shopping spree.

The main reason to come here is to enjoy the open-air thermal pools overlooking the Rio Mendoza and the distant Andes. The Cacheuta is aimed at travelers who want to relax for a couple of days and avail themselves of natural spa treatments, not the latest in ultra-sophisticated techniques. As a result, it is a big hit with families, and while it can be crowded at times, the environment is perfect for those wishing to meet Argentines instead of other foreign tourists. There are plenty of pools, a good sauna, pressure showers, waterfalls, and a growing array of customized massages and aromatic therapies. The pools, made with stones, look natural and are surrounded by flowers and cacti are a nice touch.
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Lahuen Co Termas de Epulafquen - Bariloche Region
Technically a resort but arranged in such a way that you'll think you're in the midst of an enchanted wilderness, Lahuen Co specializes in very low-key, outdoor spa treatments, far from the crowds. Located in the midst of beautiful Lanin National Park in the southern part of Neuquen province and a relative newcomer to the Argentine natural springs spa scene, Lahuen Co is a conceptual spa, with pure water at the center of all of its offerings. It follows both Japanese Onsen and Greco-Roman spa approaches, which are known for their emphasis on how best to make use of thermal waters.

Bathing circuits start in a lukewarm immersion pool and progress to a group of pools at increasingly higher temperatures, according to each person's tolerance and desire. Also on tap are alternating hot water therapies for those looking for tone-ups, Vichy shower sessions, outdoor bathing, hot spring mud therapy, shiatsu, Thai massages, Ayurveda with essential oils, outdoor yoga and tai chi lessons. There are also private suites available for those wishing to take baths and massages in a more secluded environment. And for travelers with an interest in seeing more of the park and region, there are horseback riding, trekking, fly fishing, and several eco-tourism activities available.
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Copahue Thermal Spa and Hot Springs - Bariloche Region
Situated next to an active volcano in Neuquen Province, travelers come to Copahue to take advantage of thermal spas heated naturally by the surrounding volcano and which contain many minerals with documented healing properties. The combination of the landscape and therapeutic mineral waters and baths makes it a perfect place to refresh the senses and heal the body from everyday effects of pollution and stress.

Copahue is located about 12 miles (19 kms) from Termal Spa Caviahue, and is situated at 1,900 feet (579 meters) above sea level. The external center of the springs is located near the volcano and is open all year. The average temperature of the water is 104 degrees Fahrenheit. There are also several pools that are heated by volcanic activity. One is unflatteringly known as Pozo de los Chanchos, Pig Pond, but contains sulfated waters and highly mineralized muds that preserve, heal and tone the skin. One can also swim in the mineral-rich waters of the Verde Lake.

Also featured in the area around the surface baths area are vapor rooms, which are used to treat breathing illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis and allergies. The sulfurous waters in the thermal baths themselves are very therapeutic and have helped people in the treatment of skin problems. After soaking in the thermal waters, enjoy the calming effects of a massage and a wide array of skin treatments.

In all, 2,500 daily baths are offered at Copahue Thermal Spa, which boasts as well a kinesiology center, gymnasium and inhalation therapy treatments. This resort is open to the public from November thru May. Also on the property are hot spring pools, cold-water rivers and creeks, waterfalls and lakes.

Thermal Spa Cavihue - Bariloche Region
Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the mineral-rich natural thermal springs of Termal Spa Cavihue, which have been known for decades to locals. Located in Cavihue, in the Neuquen Province near Bariloche in the heart of the Patagonian Andes, this spa will literally make you feel at the center of one of the planet's most important ecological reserves. This remote region is still free of pollution and is subject to volcanic activity, which accounts for the mineral-rich healing waters of the Cavihue Lake.

The setting is unforgettable. Guests soaking in the natural hot spring pools, steam baths or hydro-massage pools can see the majestic peaks of the Andes, the Copahue volcano and the pristine waters of Lake Cavihue. The pristine landscape is wild and untouched, with numerous forests, waterfalls and creeks, making it an excellent place to revitalize and commune with nature.

It's no wonder that people from all over the world travel to Cavihue. In addition to its mineral-rich waters warmed by volcanoes, the thermal mud at Caviahue is full of healing properties that help retard the aging process, tone facial muscles and leave the skin firmer, softer, and smoother. It has also been attributed to assisting in healing many skin diseases.

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