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Visitors staying in Salta City can enjoy a vast variety of daytime and overnight outings, showcasing both the local flavor and natural beauty of the region. The Land is defined by the Juramento River, which carves its way through the multicolored earth, creating colorful banks topped with white sands and yellow limestone formations.

The River, which separates the Sianca and Lerma Valleys, obtained its name from the oath of loyalty that early-nineteenth century Spanish soldiers took to their national flag. Also known as the Salado River, its waters originate at the Acay Hill and wind throughout the province of San del Estro, eventually making its way into the Parana River.

The Road to the Top:
Explore the Puna from the highest road in the Americas, traveling along National Route 68 and National Route 51. On this 4x4 journey, you'll pass through a spattering of tiny settlements and cross the majestic tracks of the Train to the Clouds. You will also likely encounter the playful wildlife inhabiting the terrain, including llamas, vicunas, and chinchillas. Ending at the Acay Dale, located 4,897 meters above sea level, visitors are often found in awe of the vast blue sky expands before them.
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Rainforest Fishing:
Take a trip to the Juramento River and enjoy world-class fishing and rainforest landscapes. After navigating a labyrinth of small streams, dense marshlands and lush foliage, visitors fish for largest dorado fish present in Argentina. Most choose to stay on the river throughout the day, enjoying lunch on a sandy beach and ample time in the afternoon aboard fishing rafts.

Canopy Circuit Tour:
Visit South America's largest canopy circuit tour high above the abrupt banks of the Juramento River, and you're likely to make memories to last a lifetime. Adventurers zip line from platform to platform via steel cables, experiencing effortless flight with maximal comfort and ease. Equipment is provided at the base of the "Condor Flight" tour, which alternates between short hikes and breathtaking rides.

Wildlife Mapping:
Enjoy bird watching, a photo safari, and wildlife mapping all a days time just north of the city of Salta. From the beaches of the Juramento River, one can experience the finest of Argentina's natural world. Travelers report viewing giant White Heron, unforgettable Toucans, Rufous-Collared Sparrows, and the ever-elusive Bush-Tanangers. Back on land the rainforest terrain is just as unforgettable, wrought with towering trees and tropical ferns.

Paragliding in Lerma Valley:
If you think Salta is beautiful from ground level, you cannot imagine its majesty from a view high above. Tandem paragliding day trips in the hills above the city allow travelers to experience the skies alongside skilled instructors and to enjoy a truly unique vista of colorful mountains and rainforest terrain.

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