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Hill of the Seven Colours
Cerro de los Siete Colores is one of the most picturesque sights on the planet. Located near the small town of Purmamarca, the beautiful hill's layers show different geological periods.

Nearby is the multicoloured ladscape that is called "Paleta del Pintor" ("The Painter's Palet"), named after its view of the multi-coloured surrounding mountains.

Parque Nacianal Calilegua
This national park is one biggest and most picturesque in the province of Salta. The parks highest mountain is Cerro Hermoso offering spectacular views of the countryside.
Nature-based activities are the the focus of visits to the park. Watch animals by the streams and go hiking through the trails of the park.

Over 200 bird species are found in quantity and present themselves in a great variety of colors. The most important being the condor, toucan, torrent duck and brown eagle. For animal lovers, the Puma, tapir, and jaguar tracks are quite prominent, although it is far more difficult to see the animals themselves. Take a tour of the park with these tour agencies.

Quilmes was a complex indian settlement from around 1000 AD. As many as 5000 people lived in the lands around the city. The Quilmes Indians survived wars against the Incas and remained an independent tribe until the Spanish sieges that eventually brought back the last 2000 inhabittants to Buenos Aires in 1667.

There is a museum and shop with various artisanal goods for sale. Visit the ruins and get a grand view of the extent of the ruins by climbing one of the trails that start from the center of the ruins.

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