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Salta la Linda("Salta the Beautiful") is a city with the best preserved colonial architecture in Argentina. The fact that Salta is a city of 500,000 people is easily forgotten when you walk through the center and its quiet, narrow 18th century streets filled with wooden balconies and single-story houses.

The most significant buildings in Salta are grouped around the central square, including the Cathedral, the Cabildo and the San Francisco Church. Another great activity is taking a cable car from Parque San Martin up to Cerro San Bernardo for a magnificent view of the city from above. Salta is also the best base for the exploration of Northwestern part of Argentina.
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Catedral de Salta
The Salta Cathedral stands in front of the central plaza. Around the alter, four large frescos of the gospel writers are not be missed. Inside there is also a pantheon containing the tombs of many heroes from the War of Independance.

Iglesia San Francisco
The Church of San Francisco is one of Salta's most loved buildings. The church's majestic white pillars and bright facade are engraved in the heart of many Argentines.

Originally built in 1625, the structure was rebuilt in 1882 after a fire destroyed the old structure. A 173 foot belfry houses a bell made from the bronze of cannons used in the Argentine War of Indipendence.

Teleferico a Cerro San Bernardo
The Cable Car to San Bernardo Hill is an excelent way to see Salta from above. A ten minute ride takes you from the center of the city up to a glorious vista.

The Cabildo(Town Hall) is beautiful whitewashed building was originally constructed in 1582. Although rebuilt a number of times, the building retains its importance and continues to house Salta's municipal government.

The Museo Historico del Norte(Museum of the History of the North) is also inside the Cabildo. The museums collection contains a mix of pieces from pre-Hispanic and colonial times along with exhibits by contemporary regional artists.

Casa de Hernandez
This beautifully whitewashed building houses the Museo de la Ciudad(City Museum). The museum has an excelent collection of musical instruments and many rooms display the history of Salta with photographs and paintings.

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