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Salta is one of Argentina's largest provinces that is bordered by Chile, Bolivia, and Paraguay. The province is characterized by vastly diverse terrain such as the fertile valley of the capital, the polychrome canyons of Cafayate, and the desolate plateaus of La Puna.

Salta City is the capital of the province and has Argentina's best-preserved colonial architecture. The narrow streets and charming plazas of the city remain as quiet and gracious as they have existed for centuries.

El Tren a las Nubes("The Train to the Clouds") is Salta's biggest attraction. Another legendary site in a town near Salta City is the Cerro de los Siete Colores ("Hill of the Seven Colours"). The Salta Sights and Nearby Sights sections have descriptions of the highlights of city and region. The general information section is a collection of useful travel tips and Salta background information.

Salta is a very popular destination for tourists. There is a steady traffic of people going through the city on their way to and from Bolivia. There is also a great variety of lodgings at any price-range and the local entertainment is prepared to delight the visitor.

Salta is also a major destination for the sports enthusiasts. Biking, rafting, hiking and other sports are all available in the Salta. Also, check out the car rental agencies that will help you with look around the area.

Map of Salta:
Map of Salta Region

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