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There is a phenomenal amount of sightseeing to be had in and around Peninsula Valdes and further south as far as the Chibut River. Much of this revolves around the endless cycle of migrating animals, mammals and birds that frequent the seashore, although some travelers come for the Patagonian wildlife further inland. Almost any time of the year, a visitor will find a wonderful variety on display, much of which can be seen close at hand. For those wishing to take several days to explore this fauna, much of which is rapidly disappearing elsewhere, there are several professional tours available in Puerto Madryn, Trelew and Gaiman. In addition, there are rangers and guides on duty at most of the reserves. The reserves also have displays and exhibits at their entrance stations, as do the first-rate natural history museums in Puerto Madryn and Trelew.

Peninsula Valdes Wildlife Seasons
The following is a chart of the wildlife a visitor can expect to see in Peninsula Valdes, depending for the most part on the time of year (although some species are present year round). These are only the most common ones: many more animals, including rare types of armadillo, deer, fox, Patagonian hare, rheas and other inland creatures are also found to the west and south of the peninsula.

May to December Breeding: May to Dec
October to March Nesting: Oct to Nov
Sea Lions
All year long Breeding: Dec to Jan
Nesting: February
October to April Breeding: Year round
Commerson's Dolphins
April to December Breeding: Sep to Feb
Dark Dolphins
December to March Breeding: Year round
Elephant Seals
All year long Nesting: Feb to Mar Breeding: Dec to Jan
All year long Breeding: Year round

Penguins and Whales
The two main highlights of the wildlife of Peninsula Valdes are penguin colony visits and whale watching tours. Both are described in detail in our travel guide.
Penguin Colonies Information
Whale Watching Information

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