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Along with penguins, whales are the top draw to the greater Peninsula Valdes area, although the two species are found in different locations. The most common whale in the region is the Southern Right Whale. Some 1,500 in all of these majestic creatures frequent the coast and can be seen all year round.

Most whale watching tours out of Puerto Madryn operate 7- or 9-hour round-trip expeditions to the peninsula. The US$15 reserve entrance fee is not included in the tour prices, which can range from US$38-$100, depending on the extras desired and the number of places visited. A typical itinerary for any Puerto Madryn-based agency includes stops at the park entrance for the interpretation center, then on to Puerto Piramides, Punta Delgada and Calleta Valdes. Normally Punta Norte is not included, but for those travelers intent on seeing penguins on the peninsula, it is a mandatory stop.

Tour Options:
Tito Bottazzi, who has offices in both Puerto Madryn and at Puerto Piramides, is the best known operator in Puerto Madryn. Others in Puerto Madryn are Alora Viaggio and Argentina Vision. All are bilingual and many speak French and Italian as well.
Tito Bottazzi - (External Link)
Alora Viaggio - (External Link)
Argentina Vision - (External Link)

Whale Watching from Puerto Piramides
Whale watching season in Argentinean Patagonia extends from May to December. Puerto Piramides, the first town on the peninsula itself after passing the entrance, is the starting point of all whale-watching excursions in the area and is in fact the only town on the peninsula offering tours. Take a boat tour from the point at Puerto Piramides and share the deep blue sea with these giants.

Popular agencies for whale watching off of Puerto Piramides are Hydrosport, and Whales Argentina.
Puerto Piramides Portal - (External Link)
Hydrosport - (External Link)
Whales Argentina - (External Link)

Diving and Whale Watching from Puerto Madryn
An increasing popular option for the adventure tourist in Puerto Madryn is to take a combined whale watching and diving tour. These are all-day affairs (sometimes even up to two or three days long), and involve heading out on a boat to see the whales and then follow up with some offshore diving. Often the dives include explorations of sunken vessels and visits to dolphin and sea lion colonies.

Many operators are now entering the field, with Aquatours, Lobo Larsen and Puerto Madryn Buceo as examples of this newest form of tourism.
Aquatours - (External Link)
Lobo Larsen - (External Link)
Puerto Madryn Buceo - (External Link)

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