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The following sights are located near the Peninsula Valdes and complement the amazing wildlife, penguin colonies, and whale watching that are all highlights of the peninsula.

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Punta Loma Wildlife Reserve
Punta Loma is a sandy point to the southeast coast, just off of Puerto Madryn. It is slightly elevated at 45 feet (15 meters) and thus affords a superb view of colonies of sea lions and other animals that frequent the area. The best time to visit is at low tide.

Isla de los Pajaros Nature Reserve
The nature reserve, the "island of the birds", is located about half a mile (less than a kilometer) north of Peninsula Valdes itself. The island is a preserve for the immense variety of sea birds that mate there every year. As a result, it is closed to visitors. However, visitors to the nearby observation post are in luck, as the government has installed powerful long-distance binoculars that do an excellent job of showcasing these creatures in their natural habitat. The interpretation center has a glass dome with a very powerful telescope that enables visitors to observe the Nuevo and San Jose Gulfs, and also offers a wide range of information about the diversity of wildlife on the peninsula.

Gaiman is a small, quiet town originally settled by Welsh immigrants seeking a more rural environment. It is perhaps the best-preserved settlement in terms of its Welsh heritage, and every October celebrates the ancient Eisteddfod, a Welsh cultural festival of great antiquity. Many tours to the penguin colony at Punta Tombo include a visit to this picturesque town. These tours give visitors time to have lunch or experience an authentic Welsh tea house and enjoy not only tea, but an amazing array of local desserts. Gaiman also boasts the remarkable Desafio Park, the world's first and largest recreation area in the world built entirely of recycled materials.
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Known as the "town of wheels" for the large number of waterwheels set up along the banks of its river, Dolavan is another quaint and charming Welsh colony. The town sits in an incredibly beautiful location just west of Gaiman. Similarly to Gaiman, Dolavan also retains its Welsh architectural influence, especially in the form of the old flour mill, now open to tourists. The valley between the two settlements is irrigated, and is dotted with several Welsh chapels erected by settlers nearly a century ago. The most famous is the brick-faced Saint David's Tabernacle, one of the prettiest in all of Patagonia.
Dolovan Information - (External site)

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