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Complejo Althea
A fully equipped tourist complex in Puerto Madryn that is located at the extreme southern end of the city, very close to the Ecocoenter and right off of the beach.
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Just a few blocks west of the coastline, this popular hotel has both apartments and bungalows. It is in a shaded, quiet section of town and within walking distance of most sights.
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Hotel La Posada
An ultramodern addition to Puerto Madryn's lodgings, this hotel is almost completely white inside and out, and caters to an environmentally conscious crowd. The hotel's dining room has magnificent views of the formal gardens.
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El Puente
In Puerto Madryn, this complex offers comfort and relaxation in its spacious apartments. It is located near the beach and just a few minutes away from the local shopping area.
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A lovely waterfront complex in Puerto Madryn with all conveniences included, it is very private and tranquil.
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Large and modern hotel in Trelew, known for its professionalism of staff. With comfortable rooms and swimming pool. Breakfast included.
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