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Hotels and Hostels for Every Taste
Four, three and two star lodgings are available in Puerto Madryn, Trelew and Gaiman. Hostels are also found in quantity in these towns and a few other spots in the area. On the peninsula itself, lodgings also are found in Puerto Piramides. Note that almost all four and three star hotels anywhere in the Peninsula Valdes region are complejos, complexes with furnished apartments or suites. Hostels are ideal for the tourist with a budget in mind and often provide an opportunity to meet other travelers and form friendships along the way.
4 Star Hotels
3 Star Hotels and Cabins
2 Star Hotels and Cabins
Hostels and Cabins

The Argentine Way: Staying at an Estancia
Another lodging option in Peninsula Valdes and also in the Chibut River valley is a stay at an estancia. This originally was the term for a cattle ranch, but now it is also widely used for a country house or inn. Especially on the peninsula , the number of these accommodations is growing, and the comfort level ranges from the truly luxurious to the rustic.
Estancias Lodging

Camping is also available throughout the region, generally from September through April.

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