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It is possible to see Peninsula Valdes in as little as two days, although its abundant wildlife, beaches and historic towns make a four- or five-day stay ideal. Most visitors actually don't stay on the peninsula but make for the first major town, Puerto Madryn, to the immediate south, which has an excellent tourism infrastructure and can provide everything the traveler needs.

The region can best be seen by imagining it as three interrelated areas: Peninsula Valdes proper, the departmental capital of Puerto Madryn, and the largest town and surrounding region of Trelew to the south. The three together comprise the Viedma department, one of 15 regions that make up Chubut Province. The key to this region is to understand when and where to spot the amazing wildlife nearby, especially penguins, whales, and seals.
Wildlife Information

The Peninsula Itself
Peninsula Valdes remains for the most part untouched and is essentially treated as a national park (admission to the area currently is US$15 for non-Argentine visitors). Treeless, with little but salt flats to be seen along the way, its hauntingly beautiful interior soon gives way to the spectacular seacoast, for which it is best known. This amazing region is accessed by passing through the narrow Carlos Ameghino isthmus. There is a tourist office in the tiny village of Puerto Piramides, which also has accommodations.

Puerto Madryn
Puerto Madryn, with is pronounced Welsh atmosphere (one can still hear it spoken by some older inhabitants), offers several delights of its own. Apart from retaining the feel of an old seaside town, it has beaches aplenty, an excellent natural science and oceanographic museum, an interactive ecocenter and a full complement of tourist facilities.
Puerto Madryn City Guide

Further to the south lies the region's largest town, Trelew. Considered one of the most attractive towns in the country, it boasts several shady parks and plazas, three wonderful museums, and enough cafes, shops and restaurants to keep the visitor occupied in between wildlife viewings. From Trelew, shorts trips to the former Welsh settlements of Gaiman and Dolovon, as well as the Bryn Gwyn and Punta Tombo Parks, are available, and the city has all manner of equipment for those interested in everything from skin diving to mountain biking.
Trelew City Guide

Nearby Tourism Offices
The regional tourist offices have friendly staffs that can help with accommodations, lodging, and general advice.

Puerto Piramides
+54 (296) 549-5084

Puerto Madryn
Avenida Julio Roca 223
+54 (296) 545-3504

Plaza del Centenario
+52 (296) 542-0139

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