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Peninsula Valdes is especially noted for its vibrant coastline, which features a stunning array of tall cliffs, rocky reefs and hidden inlets surrounded by crashing surf. Considered one of the most valuable wildlife habitats in the world, it is home to some of the most exotic marine creatures, along with penguins, sea lions, seals, and whales. Because of its geographical proximity to the beautiful, pristine southern lands and the fact that it shares some of its weather, the region is known as Atlantic Patagonia and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.

The San Jose and Nuevo Gulfs lie to the north and south of Peninsula Valdes respectively. Every year animals and mammals alike return to these calm, protected waters to mate and raise their young. Large colonies of penguins, sea lions and elephant seals inhabit miles of coastal beaches, while huge whales are easily spotted meandering off the gulfs.

Punta Delgada is the most southeastern area of Peninsula Valdes. Its long beach offers excellent viewing of elephant seals. In addition, myriad other wildlife can be seen in the area, especially during the months of October and November, breeding season for many of its seasonal inhabitants. Be sure to check the Peninsula Valdes Wildlife Chart for information on which sea and shore creatures are present in which seasons.
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Penguin Colonies
No trip to Peninsula Valdes is complete without a visit to the Chibut River valley a few miles south, and its huge continental penguin colony of Punta Tombo. And the quaint towns of Puerto Madryn and Trelew offer a fascinating look at one of the last - and most unlikely - migrations from Europe to the New World. There are celebrations throughout the entire Chubut River valley on 28 July when Gwyl Glaniad, Landing Day, commemorates the 1865 arrival of the Welsh in Patagonia. Read up on these and other opportunities in the Nearby Sights section of this guide.
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Peninsula Valdes is easily reached from its chief settlement of Puerto Madryn, a great place to start your travels as you can choose from a wide selection of accommodation and transportation options. The region (along with Trelew further south) is also the jumping-off point for travel to Patagonia, visits to some of the largest estancias on the planet, and home to a wealth of outdoor activities in what is considered one of the most pristine environments on the continent.
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