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The Mendoza province, the seventh-largest in Argentina, has something for everyone, from the history buff to the wine lover and especially for those who enjoy the outdoors and spectacular scenery. Most of the population lives within an hour's drive of the two major cities of Mendoza City or San Rafael, but the entire province is blessed with an excellent tourism infrastructure and there is no lack of good accommodations and services throughout.

Sights in Mendoza Province

The Inca Bridge in Mendoza, Argentina
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Puente del Inca - Inca Bridge
Th Puente del Inca is a beautiful natural arch with a hot water spring, forming a bridge over the Rio Mendoza. Considered one of Argentina's natural wonders, the copper-gold color of the rocks comes from minerals found in the river. Legend has it that the bridge was formed by Inca warriors who were turned to stone after their chief crossed over them to the other bank.
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Christ the Redeemer Statue in Mendoza, Argentina
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Cristo Redentor - Christ the Redeemer
Erected in 1904 near the border town of Uspallata to mark the peaceful resolution of a border dispute between Argentina and Chile, the six-ton statue of Christ the Redeemer, at 13,200 ft (4,000 m), is now accessible only when the road is open. (In winter heavy snowfall and sub-zero temperatures close the route.) Cannons used in the wars of liberation of both Argentina and Chile were melted down to provide metal for the statue. The tiny hamlet of Uspallata was the location for several scenes from the movie Seven Years in Tibet.
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Parque Provincial Aconcagua - Aconcagua Provincial Park
Some 112 miles (180 kms) west of the city is Parque Provincial Aconcagua, home to the truly majestic Cerro Aconcagua, at 22,974 ft (6962 m) the highest peak in South America. Climbers should count on at least two weeks, including acclimatization, to make the ascent. You can take great photos of the mountain from the park's entrance at Laguna de Horcones.
Aconcagua Park in Mendoza

San Rafael
At 147 miles (236 kms) south of the city of Mendoza, you'll find the traditional town of San Rafael. The city is known for a well-developed wine culture, fruit production, outdoor sports, and as the gateway to the fantastic rock formations and scenery of Canon del Atuel. There are many tours offered of the Canon circuit, which also include stops at wineries and natural wonders.
City of San Rafael Overview

Las Lenas Ski Resort
Fast-growing Las Lenas, at 11,253 feet (3,430 meters), is 260 miles (420 km) southwest of the provincial capital. Barely even a medium-sized peak by Argentine standards, it nonetheless offers some of the country's best skiing and myriad other outdoor activities year-round.
Ski in Las Lenas Resort in Mendoza

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