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3 Star Hotels

Aconcagua Hotel
With 150 rooms and an excellent small business center, the Hotel Aconcagua is comfortable and within a reasonable walking distance from the main square and shopping/dining areas.
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Crillon Hotel
Two blocks from the Plaza de Independencia in a predominantly Italian neighborhood, the Crillon caters to business guests and is an economical alternative to the larger downtown hotels.
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Hotel Kalton (in San Rafael)
Centrally located and with a spacious interior, the hotel is especially noted for the many wine tours it books and its in-house experts on locating the perfect bodega for travelers.
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Hotel Nitra II (in San Rafael)
Located outside of the city in a beautiful setting, the Nitra II is on the road to the famous Canon del Atuel and is a favored stop for tourists making the journey onward.
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Hotel Nuevo Mundo (in San Rafael)
With its downtown location and hip bistro, the Hotel Nuevo Mundo is one of San Rafael's more popular spots, and gaining popularity for its innovative take on upscale urban lodging at an affordable price.
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Hotel Tower Inn & Suites (in San Rafael)
Located in the heart of San Rafael, the Tower Inn & Suites offers a warm atmosphere with plenty of high-rise options to entertain visitors surrounded by breathtaking views of rivers and mountains in the distance.
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