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The impressive Park Hyatt Mendoza in Mendoza, Argentina
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Given its status as the capital and economic center of Mendoza province, the majority of the region's luxury and four-star hotels are found in and around the immediate vicinity of the city of Mendoza, as are several luxury-grade options in nearby wineries. In addition, there is a wide range of accommodations at all levels, including boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, and hostels, especially in the city's center and close to its major parks. Lower-priced lodgings are clustered about the bus station and in some of the more commercial neighborhoods.

In Mendoza's Old City neighborhood are found many of the higher-end hotels, boutique hotels and bed and breakfast establishments. The most modern hotels, the majority of which cater to business clientele, are located closer to the downtown. There are also small, family-run lodgings and hostels in almost every neighborhood.

Staying at a Winery
Outside the city, many wineries now offer overnight or weekend accommodations, some of them very luxurious. These traditionally include breakfasts and wine tastings. Similarly, towards San Rafael and near Parque Nacional Aconcagua, estancia, or guest ranch, tourism often means a rare chance to stay in a beautiful, sprawling centuries-old rural estate and see life as the famous guachos, Argentine cowboys, do.

Mondoza Province
There are many options in Las Lenas ski resort, ranging from comfortable rooms to all-out luxury suites. Further out, there are smaller hotels in most towns, often located near the bus depot or along the highway leading to or from the settlement. These smaller hotels tend to be hostels or two-star establishments. In the towns near the Andes lodging can be scarce, and non-existent in winter months, so check before heading out if your destination is high altitude or off of the major roads.

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