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Mendoza province is located in the country's northwest and serves as a gateway to the high Andes and the Chilean border. Argentina's wines recently have attained worldwide popularity and none more so than those from the Mendoza region. Most of the vineyards - roughly 70% of Argentina's total - and the wine industry as a whole are located here, and wine tours are now the most important source of tourism for the region. Mendoza is also a major destination for sports enthusiasts: many outdoor sports can be enjoyed in beautiful surroundings.
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Argentine Wine Guide: Mendoza
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And if your interest is in the great outdoors, the area has an abundance of parks, lakes and rivers, great skiing, and the continent's highest mountain, affording endless opportunities for a vacation far from the urban hustle and bustle. You can even see the gaucho, or Argentine cowboy, in action here, riding the herd from the giant cattle ranches in the southern expanses of the province.
Aconcagua Park in Mendoza
Ski in Las Lenas Resort in Mendoza

But there's much more to Mendoza, including the capital city's storied history and outstanding cuisine. Traditional fare and, of course, the region's famous wines are sure to add pleasure to your trip. In fact, these rank as major attractions in themselves, so don't forget to bring your guidebook and appetite. If you're in search of the traditional side of Argentine life, there are traditional towns like San Rafael that evoke a bygone era while offering up-to-the-minute activities.
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