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The village of El Chalten is a hiker's paradise. The town is alive with spirit of adventurers and that know they are in a unique place that has been untouched by such remote topics as politics or industrialization. The only thing the faces of your fellow hikers and nature lovers reflect is the thrill of the being there and the await for today's journey.

El Chalten is nick-named Argentina's Capital of Trekking, and this some of the many hikes and treks you can experience are described below. The start of most treks is a bit tiring because the town of El Chalten is located in a valley, so you need to get through a gentle initial climb after which you choose your desired route.

Laguna Torre
Laguna Torres is the mountain lake on the way to the actual Mountain Torre. The site features a bright-blue lake with a majestic view of the mountain in the distance. This hike is about three hours in one direction with fairly easy walking through hills and forests. Near Laguna Torre is the Mirador Torre (Mount Torre Viewpoint), which offers another beautiful view of the mountain.

Laguna de los Tres
This lake and viewpoint is named in honor of the three Frenchmen that first conquered Mount Fitz Roy. A four hour one-way trek to Laguna de los Tres passes through small lakes, pleasant forests, the campsites at Laguna Capri and Poinsenot. The final stretch is pretty arduous, but can be conquered easily if you are not in rush. The reward for your efforts is the final arrival of the still glacier lake that includes a breathtaking view of the colosal Mount Fitz Ray.

Ice Trekking
One of the most interesting excursions you can take at El Chalten is a hike on one of the glaciers in this region. Starting from the town, this excursion takes a full day. It is possible to arrange this excursion to start from the campground Bridwell from which it is only a an hour and a half to the glacier.

Other Treks
Besides the treks outlined above, there are a number of aother treks that can be experienced around El Chalten. One of the other more popular treks is the journey that takes you accross the Continental Icefield (Hielo Patagonico Continental). This is usually a 3 to 4 day trek for serious trekkers that requires some technical climbing, strenuous river crossings, and the use of crampons for stability on icy surfaces.

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