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El Chalten

El Chalten is a small hiking village surrounded by glaciers, lagoons, lakes, and mountains. The village is proclaimed as the "National Trekking Capital of Argentina", but the area is also known for amazing climbing, camping, horseback riding, fishing, rafting, and even fauna and flora excursions.

The village of El Chalten is located about a 140 Miles(220 KM), or roughly 4 hours driving, from the bigger tourist center of El Calafate. El Chalten is quite isolated and luxuries such as cell phones and cash machines are not available at this point in time. Although El Chalten is far removed from civilization, internet terminals and telephones are widely available to communicate with the outside world.

Weather in El Chalten and El Calafate is similar, and can be found on the El Calafate Weather page.

Upon arrival in El Chalten, a local park ranger will give you some instructions concerning the area. You will also be given a good map of the village along with a map of the trails, campgrounds, and sights in the area. Take this chance and ask a local expert any questions you may have.

From El Chalten you can take a number of hikes that can last from a few hours to a full day or over a number of nights. The map created by is an excellent introduction to the region. On you can also find descriptions of the many excursions you can take from El Chalten.

Monte Fitz Roy
Mountain Fitz Roy rises eleven thousand feet into the air and proclaims its greatness over the surrounding icelands. The Fitz Roy mountain range is visible for hundreds of miles around and the village of El Chalten is blessed with this excellent view.

Monte Torre
Mountain Torre is even taller than Fitz Roy, but is not as majestic. The base of this mountain and the end of one of the trails is a beautiful creamy colored mountain lake called Laguna Torre.

Horseback Riding at El Chalten
Although El Chalten is a hiker's and mountain climber's haven, almost all of the beautiful sights can be experienced on a horseback riding tour. Excellent tours start from El Chalten and take you all around the area. Reserve these excursions in advance to avoid availability problems when you are on your trip.

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