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As you prepare to travel to Cordoba, on of Argentina's most significant urban centers, be sure to consider the plethora of lodging possibilities that the city has to offer. Where and when you decide to stay in Cordoba will have a significant impact on your overall experience in both the city and the surrounding areas.

All flights to Cordoba arrive at the Tallavera Airport which is only a half-hour drive from downtown Cordoba where you will likely stay. This area is accessible from the airport by taxi cab (approximately eight dollars each way) or shuttle bus if your lodging option provides such services. With carriers such as LAPA, Varig, Aerolineas Argentinas, and Transbrazil, and incoming flights from most major metropolitain centers in Latin America, you will find the Tallavera Airport both accessible and manageable. Once in the city, you will find a wide range of amenities at your disposal, including a broad selection of lodging possibilities.

Hotels available in and around Cordoba span the entire range of both quality and pricing. Take advantage of one of Cordoba's four-star or luxury resort options, and you will not want to return from your vacation while enjoying such royal treatment. With amenities such as large guest rooms, personal internet access, full spa services, and restaurants serving premiere Argentine cuisine, these facilities are not for the thrifty traveler. Most luxury and four-star resorts will also boast fantastic concierge services, which may prove helpful in your planning of daily excursions and outings around the city. Nevertheless, the city is also brimming with three-star and budget lodging possibilities. This option will allow safe substantially on you budget for lodging, while sacrificing a few amenities here and there. Be sure to consider your options carefully, as there are both pros and cons to each luxury, four-star, three-star, and budget lodging possibilities in Cordoba. While selecting lodging option that is right for you is essential, it is equally important to give careful consideration to when you choose to travel to Cordoba.

Much like the majority of Argentinean and South American destination spots, Cordoba's population changes dramatically over the course of each calendar year, swelling as tourism rises in the summer and falling dramatically throughout the winter months. From the first of November to the end of March, you'll find a city bustling with tourist activity. During the chillier winter months of May through September, however, you'll discover more local flare and authenticity. It is important to note, however, that some amenities available to travelers during the peak tourist season will be sacrificed should you choose to visit during the off-season. Also, because of Cordoba's prime location amidst innumerable Argentine attractions and excursions, it is important to pre-book and travel plans to the region well in advance of your stay.

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