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The colonial cathedral in Cordoba, Argentina You'll find no shortage of things to do when you visit Cordoba, one of Argentina's most dynamic urban centers. With its delicate balance of historical tradition and twenty-first century modernism, there is something for nearly everyone in this bustling city. Be sure to schedule ample time to explore all the city has to offer, as well as the countless excursions to neighboring destinations that will be at your disposal.

The San Martin Theater
Built in 1891, the San Martin Theater is the oldest theater of its kind throughout Argentina. While it was originally conceived to house operatic productions, it currently shows a variety of ballets, symphonies, plays, and musicals. Its builder's focus on the opera however, resulted in the Theater becoming an acoustically superior venue. The interior design and details found within the walls of the San Martin Theater are also of note, adding to both its cultural and architectural value.

The Cordoba Cathedral
With elements of architecture dating back to as early as 1577, the construction of the Cordoba Cathedral took over two hundred years for completion. Resultantly, you'll discover a diverse assemblage of styles utilized throughout the premises, each of which adds a chapter to the stories of the city's past. A dome structure painted by notable Cordoba native, Emilio Carrafa, contrasts indigenous paintings of Indian Angels. Further, baroque towers neighbor more modern embellishments and decoration. This eclectic yet historically significant nature make the Cordoba Cathedral an essential stop for any visitors to the city.

The Cordoba Historic Quarter
Located in the heart of Cordoba, the Historic Quarter is brimming with both cultural and Architectural significance. Home to countless sights to see, including the Cordoba Cathedral, San Martin Square, the Church Compania de Jesus, and the National University of Cordoba, this popular destination should not be missed! While the quarter is marked by its dramatic colonial architecture, it offers most modern amenities that any traveler may need.

The Jesuit Block
Cordoba's Jesuit Block remains the home of all of the Jesuit system's core buildings and operations. Declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site, the block contains the Jesuit University and the church and residence of the Society of Jesus. The area also houses five farming estates, known in Argentina as Estancias, which contain both secular and religious elements. Demonstrating the "fusion of European and indigenous values," these Estancias provide a unique glance into the world of seventeenth century South America.

Nueva Cordoba
This, the largest district in Cordoba is a commercial center by day and brewing hot spot of activity by night. Innumerable pubs, disco-teques, restaurants, shopping plazas, and supermarkets line the streets which thrive on both local and tourist patronage. The district is also home to the Ecipsa Tower, which is one of the most significant business hubs of the city.

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