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The colonial city of Cordoba in Argentina Travel to the geographical center of Argentina, about seven-hundred kilometers northwest of Buenos Aires, and you'll find the country's second largest city and cultural center known as Cordoba. Founded in 1573 by Jeronimo Luis de Cabrer, Cordoba was not only named after a prominent Spanish city, but also became one of the first Spanish colonial capitals within the region. Today, however, Cordoba has emerged as a technological and industrial leader in Argentina. As a result, a visit to this colonial city will undoubtedly uncover this unique mixture of this historical significance and the technological prowess.

Cordoba's complex and multi-faceted history creates a dynamic environment and bustling atmosphere for its inhabitants today. With much of the architecture dating back to the city's founding in the late sixteenth century, you'll witness this history first hand as you walk down nearly any street. In 1613 the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba was founded, becoming the first functioning University in all of South America. Founded in the Jesuit order, the school still remains active today. It was not until after World War II, however, that Cordoba emerged as an industrial power-house with the opening of its Fábrica Militar de Aviones, or Military airplane factory.

Today, Cordoba provides a wealth of activity for both tourists and locals alike. A vivacious nightlife, competitive tradition of sports, and love for outdoor recreation mark the culture, which welcomes visitors with all of the necessary amenities. The city remains ready for visitors 365 days a year, although the weather does fluctuate a fair amount with the seasons. Travelers can expect cold and dry winters, humid and stormy spring and summer months, and a pleasantly warm and sunny fall season.

Getting to Cordoba is fairly simple, with incoming flights from a variety of South American urban centers. Daily flights from Buenos Aires or Mendoza will bring you to the Tallevera Airport, from which you will depart on a half hour taxi ride to the heart of the city. A multitude of airlines operate out of the airport.

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