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Understanding your lodging options when traveling to Los Glaciers National Park or Southern Patagonia is essential to planning a successful journey. El Calafate is indisputably the most convienient location to gather some rest each night, with acesss to the natural marvels of both Southern Argentina and Chile. With an expansive range of lodging options, be sure to investigate all possibilities before embarking on your trip.

While El Calafate has a relatively small native population, the city's numbers swell considerably between November and Mid-March during the area's peak tourism season. During these months, you'll discover a world ready for visitors, and many amenities accessible for your disposal. While traveling to El Calafate is possible year round, you'll find no better service than when you visit the town during these southern hemisphere summer months. Resultantly, you'll want to utilize a travel agency specialized in Argentina to pre-book your stay well in advance to ensure room availability for you and your family. Note that the nearest lodging alternative is Rio Gallegos, located more than two hundred miles away, making finding a room in the El Calafate region essential to your trip to Los Glaciers National Park.

Lodging options in El Calafate range from luxury hotels with multiple amenities to more quaint budget facilities, which will allow you to experience Patagonia for a fraction of the price. From El Calafate's luxury facilities, you can expect amenities such as beautiful views from guest rooms, concierge and room service, internet access in guest rooms, resteraunt and bar facilities, and premiere customer service. Should you select a four-star, or "Quality" El Calafate hotel, you will likely find a selection of such amenities and slightly less modern facilities. A three-star budget lodging option will allow you the most economical trip to the region, while you will sacrifice some of the convenience of a more highly ranked option. Remember that a concierge service is often key to gaining meaningful insight into excursions and outings available in the region. As a result, you may wish to make this amenity a priority in your search for the optimal hotel for your Patagonian visit.

The final choice for lodging in the El Calafate region is that of the Estancia, or traditional farmhouse. Offering a one of a kind opportunity to experience the culture of the land first hand, staying on a Argentine farm will provide memories to last a lifetime. Most Estancias are located at a reasonable distance from both El Calafate and the Los Glaciers National Park, meaning the amenities provided for the typical El Calafate traveler will lie just a short drive away. Because most Estancias have a relatively small number of rooms, be sure to book your stay as early as possible.

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