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A street in Cachi, Salta Province On the east slope of the Nevado Hill in one of the chalchaqui vallies of Salta lies the beautiful town of Cachi. Cachi is a site for both those interested in history and in the splendor of nature- it was home to colonial aristocracy in the XVIIIth century. In Spanish, Cachi means "salt". Natives initially mistook the top of the Nevado Hill for a salt mine.

The town offers an array of masterful architectural structures from pristine white buildings to modest adobe houses.

Temperatures in this region are relatively comfortable year round, with summers ranging from 59F to 83F, and the winter season ranging from 33 F to a comfortable 66F. It is arid, fertile land hospitable to the growth of a range of vegetable and legume crops and is best known for growing a range of peppers.

A breathtakingly beautiful and unspoiled place, Cachi offers a range of splendid sites for touring. Most popular are the "Valle Encantado" (Enchanted Valley), with its astounding erosion-scultped rock formations, and Los Cardones National Park, which boats a tranquil desert landscape hosting a variety of animal and vegetal species.

Other primary attractions include the Cachi Church and Antigales, important archeological and cultural sites for those wanting to take in the region's history as well as its beautiful natural sites, and the Cachi Archeological Museum.

Map of Cachi and Salta Province:

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