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Places to Visit in Argentina: The Atlantic Coast

Approximately 200 miles (400km) from Buenos Aires, you can find a number of popular beach resorts and towns facing the Atlantic Ocean. In the summer months, especially between December and February, many residents of Buenos Aires come down to these shores to relax and escape from the heat of the city.

Besides the excellent scenery and a pleasant ocean, the area offers many sports activities to vacationers. Fishing, Regattas and wind-surfing are popular water sports. The area also offers many golfing opportunities with each town maintaining its own beautiful course.

Mar del Plata
Mar del Plata is the leading seaside resort on the Atlantic Ocean. Rather than simple a resort, Mar del Plata is actually a city of over half a million people, a number that triples in the summer months. The city features a big beach and offers interesting attractions including high seas fishing, sailing regattas, and ample shopping, dining, and lodging options.

The petit resort-town of Pinamar is located on the edge of a beautiful pine forest about an hour drive from Mar del Plata. Travelers enjoy the beach, the seafood restaurants, and the beautiful scenery in a quiet, yet posh, setting.

Carilo is not just another small town near Pinamar, but a retreat for Buenos Aires' elite. Beautiful hotels and residences line the oceanfront and the place does have a bit of a country-club atmosphere. Travelers get a glimpse of upper-class Argentine life in this beautiful setting.

Villa Gesell
Villa Gesell lacks the elitism of the nearby coastal towns, but maintains a somewhat relaxed feel and positive wibe. High-rise vacation shares have started to pop up uncontrollably in this small town, and practically leave the beach in the shade for a part of the day. Villa Gesell does offer more active nightlife than nearby Pinamar or Carilo.

Getting There and Away
The city of Mar del Plata has its own airport, while the towns of Villa Gesell and Pinamar share a nearby airport. The flight time between Buenos Aires and this region is about 40 minutes with a number of flights per day.

Road Transportation
Mar del Plata and the other towns on the Atlantic coast are 200 miles from Buenos Aires. Buses take about five and a half hours to complete the journey, while drive in a private car may take just over four hours.

Getting Around
Unless you plan to just relax at your resort or residence on the coast, you may find it convenient to rent a car when you are in this area. The distances between the different towns are substantial and walking much further than your nearby beach may prove un-interesting.

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