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Latest News:
The latest news on the happenings in Argentina, Buenos Aires and the world, directly from an online newspaper based in Buenos Aires.

You can also visit Media Argentina for the latest news. To see what's new in sports, current events, business, and entertainment at visit HeadlineSpot.

Radio in Argentina:
Argentina has one English language radio station, WBAT. Access it on the web or contact by phone at 4313-3401 while you are in Buenos Aires.

Argentina's World Heritage Sites Today:
Argentina has been named by the World Hertiage List to have 8 protected sites. The World Heritage Sites are areas that the World Heritage Committee has deemed to have outstanding universal value. Argentina's has recently added protected sites to its list. The counties' total protected sights now include:
The Argentine Economic Crisis:
In the beginning of 2002 the Argentine government defaulted on its debt to the International Monetary Fund(IMF). In the next few days the value of the Argentinean Peso dropped to a fraction of its earlier price and 40 percent of the country fell into poverty. Banks and business closed and people were left without food. In the next few years the situation stabilized. Banks are open, grocery stores have food, and millions of people, that were happy middle-class citizens just a few years ago, are now quite poor.

HelpArgentina came into existance to ameliorate this situation. HelpArgetina's mission is to promote social development in Argentina. The non-profit organization is based in Buenos Aires, but is registered as a charity in the US. The organizations founders and board members are prominent members of universities, banks, and former US and Argentine government officials.
To find out more information or to donate visit to

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