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Jewish City Tours in Buenos Aires There are a number of ways to visit Argentina and Buenos Aires and experience your vacation from a Jewish point of view. You can take a single tour for a day or half a day, or you can have a complete vacation in Argentina planned out with a Jewish-focused itinerary. Read the overview: History of the Jewish People in Argentina for more information about history and Jewish life in Argentina and Buenos Aires.

Jewish Vacation in Argentina
You can take a group tour of Buenos Aires and Argentina, or customize your vacation based on your personal interests. An Argentina specialized travel agency will be happy to help you with your trip, answer any questions you may have, and optimally organize every part of your journey.

Jewish Buenos Aires Day Tours
These tours give our guests a general view of the Jewish community in Buenos Aires. Visit the Buenos Aires port, the place where our ancestors arrived to Argentina in search of a new life, freedom, and a future for themselves and their children. Visit the old hotel where they lived as soon as they got off the ships from overseas. Then visit the corner where the Israeli Embassy was located, before a bomb attack destroyed the building in 1992. See the Israeli Embassy Plaza, a memorial place which is monument to the people killed in that cruel attack. Then see the place where the Jewish community met to ask for justice for the 2 attacks against the Embassy and the AMIA. Also see the synagogue from the Jewish Congregation of Argentine Republic and go to the Jewish neighborhood of ONCE. There see the new AMIA building (Mutual Association Israelite Argentina), the synagogues, Jewish schools, Jewish sport clubs, Kosher restaurants and supermarkets.

A full day tour also includes a number of highly interesting sites. Visit the Raoul Wallemberg monument, located at one of the most beautiful parks in town. Then walk around the Belgrano neighborhood that offers beautiful tree-lined streets and sophisticated flats. Visit the Latin American Rabbinic Seminary, the only one in Latin America that offers professional teaching for Conservative Rabbis, Cantors, and Mohels (ritual surgeons). The building itself is beautiful and the synagogues and Jewish schools in the area are quite interesting.

Conclude the tour with to the barrio, Villa Crespo, an authentic Jewish area that also has a history of Argentine Tango. The town's splendid synagogues and very active Jewish schools give us a view of the Jewish Buenos Aires.

Jewish Sites in Buenos Aires
For a further description of all the sites mentioned on above and that are a part of many Jewish Tours in Buenos Aires, refer to the following page.
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