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Argentina is world renowned for its beef. Many restaurants specialize in this tradition and thus have a large grill with all kinds of prepared meat proudly within view of the sitting area or even viewable from the outside.

Beginning in the 1990s, the food scene in Buenos Aires has diversified. In neighborhoods such as Palermo Viejo and Las Canitas, ethnic and vegetarian meals are easy to locate, and there are scores of chic eateries offering light, healthy cuisine. Smaller cities are a bit slow to follow, but Rosario, Cordoba, Salta and Mendoza all have modern restaurants offering ethnic fare, tapas, quality French and Italian selections, and even japanese and asian cuisine.

Argentina is also home to some excellent deserts. Try out the pastries in the cafes and restaurants that you visit. Ice cream is particularly good in Argentina, especially from the heladerias (ice cream shops) that make their own.

The sharing of mate, a special kind of tea, is more of an Argentine ritual than a plain beverage, and is sometimes offered by the locals as an expression of acceptance and friendship.

Eating Beef in Argentina
Order an asado and you will find a large selection of beef at your table. Most restaurants do not provide any sauces on the side, but you may ask for something spicy(picante) and may be offered tobasco sauce. Chimichurri, an olive oil based sauce and Salsa Criollo, an onion and tomato based spicy sauce, are often found in Argentine restaurants.

To order a steak prepared to your liking the words to use are: bien cocida (well done), a punto (medium rare), or jugosa (rare, literally "juicy"), or muy jugosa(very rare).

Further Argentine Cuisine Terms
A detailed list and descriptions of food and dining terms are featured on the following page.
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